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It's almost two in the morning and I'm pleasantly dozing in my electronically warmed bed.

All of a sudden, I'm awoken by the sound of my cat meowing. She wants to come in my room.

So I let her in and settle back down, thinking she's going to sleep in my room like normal.

Only a few seconds later she's clawing at my carpet. And meowing to be let out again.

She shitted in my room. B|

So I chase her ass downstairs and it pisses off my da because she's driving him nuts. And thinks I came down to bitch at him for her shitting in my room. And then accuses me of not thinking ahead and getting a litterbox for times like this.


So, the shit-head is downstairs. And my room smells like a lilac bomb went off from me trying to get the smell to leave.

Guess I fucking have to go out tomorrow and get some litter and a box.
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I love reading all of the 40+ pages of wank, they really have pissed off everyone this time.

And I'm not sure how many of you would be willing to join this, I feel like this is LJ-politics omg, but there is a protesting community out there with a petition on it: [ profile] changeitback. I'm kind of tempted to make a journal called [ profile] ljfailure. I wonder if it is one... EDIT There isn't. Ha. I make it one now. EDIT ...Making it [ profile] ljfail because I forgot momentarily how fickle my u key is.

Also if you're worried about LJseek pulling up f-locked or private entries you can take your journal/community off here. :3 I took mine off already and can't wait until they update their indexes to take it permanently out.

This change is and I don't recall being informed about it. I like it. Just would've liked a heads up.

Me right now, kinda:

Credit to [ profile] saave


Unlike Obama...this change was not needed.
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No I'm not posting this to get attention. I'm just posting this to get it out of my Goddamn system. Acting like this is stupid and childish and I'm getting so fucking sick and tired of it. No I won't leave LJ, you don't give me a valid reason to. I spent money on this account, I'm not going to waste it. I have time and effort and love put into this journal, I'm not going to delete it. No I won't give into your ridiculous efforts to try and take me from this. And no I won't report this to LJ-staff, because that'll just result in another Strikeout or something.

You're just a child that wants to gain attention. Well you've got it, but I'm sorry to say it's the wrong kind of attention. Yes I'm mad at you. Yes I'm angry at you. But this is something that isn't striking me down. This is something I can forget so easily. You're more like a gnat that is buzzing around my face. Do I wish you would shut the fuck up and leave me and my friends alone? Yes. But if this is your form of entertainment go on entertaining yourself. Someday karma is going to turn around and bite you in the ass so bad that you won't ever recover.

And the comment you left on one of my communities? Thanks. I've now locked them down from stupid trolls like you. No more Anonymous comments allowed on [ profile] ayarockcreation, [ profile] comentchallenge, [ profile] demonicbublegum, or [ profile] tenimyu_rating. Thanks for driving me to that. And yes this is sarcasm dripping from every word written in this paragraph. I didn't want to do that but you've forced me to do that in order to keep from being harassed. And guess what? I've taken my messenger systems off of my information too. No harassing there! And there's no way you're getting my email either. So have fun trying to reach me na?

I want to make sure that this doesn't happen to another one of my friends. You're a dickwad. I hope you choke on your own Goddamn shit.

And just so you know. I'm still a virgin. Mentally I may be soiled. But I have not touched a man or woman, boy or girl, with any part of my own body in a sexual way. I'm sorry to disappoint you. Hell, I'll even go get a doctor to give me an examination and put the certificate or paper or whatever he gives me up on here testifying that fact. So you're just a poor little harasser who can't do jackshit to get at me. I'm up higher than you. I won't lower myself to your level. And don't even think that this is lowering and degrading to myself. I don't let it get to me. This is just me venting. You want me to get angry at you? Here's my anger. And here's the end of it. It won't reach my pedestal anymore.

And one thing.

♥ Love thine enemies.
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First, I would like to say 'Thank you'. Thank you for bringing over the anime that people like me love and enjoy. Thank you for bringing over the shows we love the best. I just have a few issues, that you need to take care of.

When you decide to bring a show to the States please, watch the entire series. Beginning to end, not just the first few.

When you cast voice actors please, pick people who's voices match well with the original Japanese voice actors.

Have those chosen voice actors watch the show. Have them learn how to pronounciate the names, places, things, etc.

Get the best people you can to translate. Resort to the subbed versions if you have to, they sometimes do a better job.

Keep the original opening and ending themes. Add little translation notes for yenn and kanji. The exceptions being long letters and such.

If the show is bloody and violent and has harsh language or sexual scenes, please...DON'T FIX THEM AND PUT THEM ON A KID CHANNEL. We like the shows bloody, violent, etc...leave them the way they are. Put them on late at night on a channel that we can find and let us watch it.

Thank you again, for reading this. Do these things, and I guarente you'll have more watchers. Those loyal to the un-dubbed originals and subbed edits.

Yours truly,

[/unheard plea]

>> I just...wanted to get that out. I'm tired of them wrecking good shows like Naruto and PoT. And I'm sure there's other shows they've ruined, like One Piece. But I haven't seen the Japanese versions of those, so I can't judge. I'm only watching PoT because I like the show...-snorts when she remembers 'hot stuff'- and I'm going to watch Bleach...because Vash-sama's VA is doing Ichigo.

And apparently I can't spell when watching things on YouTube...XD Sannkyuu LT-chan~!

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