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First, I would like to say 'Thank you'. Thank you for bringing over the anime that people like me love and enjoy. Thank you for bringing over the shows we love the best. I just have a few issues, that you need to take care of.

When you decide to bring a show to the States please, watch the entire series. Beginning to end, not just the first few.

When you cast voice actors please, pick people who's voices match well with the original Japanese voice actors.

Have those chosen voice actors watch the show. Have them learn how to pronounciate the names, places, things, etc.

Get the best people you can to translate. Resort to the subbed versions if you have to, they sometimes do a better job.

Keep the original opening and ending themes. Add little translation notes for yenn and kanji. The exceptions being long letters and such.

If the show is bloody and violent and has harsh language or sexual scenes, please...DON'T FIX THEM AND PUT THEM ON A KID CHANNEL. We like the shows bloody, violent, etc...leave them the way they are. Put them on late at night on a channel that we can find and let us watch it.

Thank you again, for reading this. Do these things, and I guarente you'll have more watchers. Those loyal to the un-dubbed originals and subbed edits.

Yours truly,

[/unheard plea]

>> I just...wanted to get that out. I'm tired of them wrecking good shows like Naruto and PoT. And I'm sure there's other shows they've ruined, like One Piece. But I haven't seen the Japanese versions of those, so I can't judge. I'm only watching PoT because I like the show...-snorts when she remembers 'hot stuff'- and I'm going to watch Bleach...because Vash-sama's VA is doing Ichigo.

And apparently I can't spell when watching things on YouTube...XD Sannkyuu LT-chan~!
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