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Birthdate:Jun 14
Website:Disrobed (CLOSED)
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♊Some crazy chick lives here。
I'm a young adult, female, and going through life as it happens. In this journal you'll find me fangirling over my various fandoms, rants of family/work/school, and various other things. I don't bite. I'm not harsh or judging. I like making friends here. Just ask me about my interests, don't be scared! Want to know more about me without friending, such as fandoms, refer to the entry here. It's still a work in progress.

I don't update much anymore, most posts are Twitter feeds, I'm more on the role-play scene than sharing my own life as of late. This does not mean that I don't read my friend page, I do, I just also suck at commenting.

General: EASTERN STANDARD TIME (GMT -5; I think)
☿Navigate the cold waters。
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☣Not talking about electicity。
Music: Radio; 107.7FM Hot Country
Lotion: Bath & Body Works; White Tea and Ginger
Book:John Dies at the End by David Wong
TV Shows:Persons Unknown, Warehouse 13, Haven, The Walking Dead, NCIS, NCIS: Los Angeles, The Cape
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avatar: the last airbender, awesomesauce, bjs against the lockers, boink like bunnies, chitty chitty bang bang, d.gray-man, darth vader dancing, deneb candy, do you like... bird?, epicsauce, eriito ja nai!, good omens, haven, heath ledger, her lavi, hey monkey!, hyperspace hoopla, i will fong you, ignoring my phone, little sister marlene, mannequins, mindsex to the extreme, morse code, nascar, ncis, owl city, pages loaded with ck, paint samples (weird yes), pandemic ii, persons unknown, pi day, pirates, pretty boys playing instruments, role-playing, rule 34, sam/lavi, seigaku game (yeey!), sleeping, sleepy_akira being totally moe, sleepy_akira fighting being moe, something you don't have, supernatural, teal, tennis, theo being ohso moe~!, theomopolis, using lyrics as keywords, wada no banana, wada's banana, warehouse 13
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