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Okay. This is the deal. If you can see this and not the post I just did soon before this one...then you didn't make it through.

Most I defriended are dead journals and those that I really don't know why I had friended and didn't talk to in the first place.

If you feel this was done incorrectly and wish to be back on board this sinking ship then by all means comment and we shall converse on what is to be done.

No hard feelings ne? ♥
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No I'm not posting this to get attention. I'm just posting this to get it out of my Goddamn system. Acting like this is stupid and childish and I'm getting so fucking sick and tired of it. No I won't leave LJ, you don't give me a valid reason to. I spent money on this account, I'm not going to waste it. I have time and effort and love put into this journal, I'm not going to delete it. No I won't give into your ridiculous efforts to try and take me from this. And no I won't report this to LJ-staff, because that'll just result in another Strikeout or something.

You're just a child that wants to gain attention. Well you've got it, but I'm sorry to say it's the wrong kind of attention. Yes I'm mad at you. Yes I'm angry at you. But this is something that isn't striking me down. This is something I can forget so easily. You're more like a gnat that is buzzing around my face. Do I wish you would shut the fuck up and leave me and my friends alone? Yes. But if this is your form of entertainment go on entertaining yourself. Someday karma is going to turn around and bite you in the ass so bad that you won't ever recover.

And the comment you left on one of my communities? Thanks. I've now locked them down from stupid trolls like you. No more Anonymous comments allowed on [ profile] ayarockcreation, [ profile] comentchallenge, [ profile] demonicbublegum, or [ profile] tenimyu_rating. Thanks for driving me to that. And yes this is sarcasm dripping from every word written in this paragraph. I didn't want to do that but you've forced me to do that in order to keep from being harassed. And guess what? I've taken my messenger systems off of my information too. No harassing there! And there's no way you're getting my email either. So have fun trying to reach me na?

I want to make sure that this doesn't happen to another one of my friends. You're a dickwad. I hope you choke on your own Goddamn shit.

And just so you know. I'm still a virgin. Mentally I may be soiled. But I have not touched a man or woman, boy or girl, with any part of my own body in a sexual way. I'm sorry to disappoint you. Hell, I'll even go get a doctor to give me an examination and put the certificate or paper or whatever he gives me up on here testifying that fact. So you're just a poor little harasser who can't do jackshit to get at me. I'm up higher than you. I won't lower myself to your level. And don't even think that this is lowering and degrading to myself. I don't let it get to me. This is just me venting. You want me to get angry at you? Here's my anger. And here's the end of it. It won't reach my pedestal anymore.

And one thing.

♥ Love thine enemies.
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Yeah. Even though Christi [the house] will probably have internet down in North Carolina...I won't be using it. I might do a voice post or two while I'm down there. I will be taking pictures for memories and for you guys. I'll think about you all. But I just need a break from the internet. I need to spend time with my family, especially my own parents. I don't know how much longer I'll have them or they'll have me.

I know this will wreck my New Years Resolution to have at least one post per day on the calendar. But I don't really care. I've made more posts than that to make up for it most definitely.

I just need this break for myself. I need to recharge. I'm bringing my laptop down because I like playing Sims and Step Mania. And I have a few manga images I might color.

The reason why the date is 7th/8th at the end is because I may or may not stay an extra day with my aunt Janice and mother.


To my fellow Americans...though I'm not feeling prideful of my country at all lately. I still support it and the troops. ♥


July 1st - Sakurai Masaya [Fudomine] and [ profile] scribblefish~!
July 2nd - [ profile] dtn~! [OMGI'MMISSINGDEE-CHAN'SBIRTHDAY!!! -superflail-]
July 3rd - Minami Keisuke and Minami Kentaroh [Yamabuki]~!
July 4th - Akanishi Jin [KAT-TUN]~!
July 6th - Washimi Ryou~!
July 7th - Yasuyuki Matsui and [ profile] enko_chan~! [OMGI'MALSOMISSINGDUCKY'SBHIRTHDAY!!!! -superflailagain- ...Or at least some of it. I'll try and write/make you something.]

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XD We're gonna continue the crazyness from this post of d00m here! :D




-should explain a bit, she guesses- When we hit 5k on that post, we'll post here, until we hit another 5k, I guess. And then someone else can host the continuation of that!
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First, I would like to say 'Thank you'. Thank you for bringing over the anime that people like me love and enjoy. Thank you for bringing over the shows we love the best. I just have a few issues, that you need to take care of.

When you decide to bring a show to the States please, watch the entire series. Beginning to end, not just the first few.

When you cast voice actors please, pick people who's voices match well with the original Japanese voice actors.

Have those chosen voice actors watch the show. Have them learn how to pronounciate the names, places, things, etc.

Get the best people you can to translate. Resort to the subbed versions if you have to, they sometimes do a better job.

Keep the original opening and ending themes. Add little translation notes for yenn and kanji. The exceptions being long letters and such.

If the show is bloody and violent and has harsh language or sexual scenes, please...DON'T FIX THEM AND PUT THEM ON A KID CHANNEL. We like the shows bloody, violent, etc...leave them the way they are. Put them on late at night on a channel that we can find and let us watch it.

Thank you again, for reading this. Do these things, and I guarente you'll have more watchers. Those loyal to the un-dubbed originals and subbed edits.

Yours truly,

[/unheard plea]

>> I just...wanted to get that out. I'm tired of them wrecking good shows like Naruto and PoT. And I'm sure there's other shows they've ruined, like One Piece. But I haven't seen the Japanese versions of those, so I can't judge. I'm only watching PoT because I like the show...-snorts when she remembers 'hot stuff'- and I'm going to watch Bleach...because Vash-sama's VA is doing Ichigo.

And apparently I can't spell when watching things on YouTube...XD Sannkyuu LT-chan~!
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Prince of Tennis/Tenipuri
Atobe Keigo FanlistingFudomine FanlistingKirihara Akaya and Marui Bunta FanlistingMukahi Gakuto FanlistingFuji Yuuta FanlistingSengoku Kiyosumi FanlistingDan Taichi FanlistingMinami Kentaroh FanlistingAmane 'Davide' Hikaru FanlistingIbu Shinji FanlistingKamio Akira Fanlisting
Saeki Kojirou FanlistingYamabuki Chuu FanlistingIbu Shinji x Echizen Ryoma FanlistingRikkai Dai Fuzoku FanlistingSanada Genichiroh FanlistingSanada Genichiroh and Yukimura Seiichi FanlistingNiou Masaharu FanlistingKirihara Akaya Fanlisting
Kaidoh Kaoru FanlistingTezuka Kunimitsu x Echizen Ryoma Doujinshi FanlistingTachibana Kippei Fanlisting
Ponta FanlistingSt. Rudolph FanlistingOshitari Yuushi x Mukahi Gakuto Fanlisting
Jyousei Shounan Fanlisting
Ohtori Choutaroh x Hiyoshi Wakashi Fanlisting
Marui Bunta FanlistingOshitari Yuushi FanlistingKawamura Takashi and Fuji Syuusuke FanlistingRikkai Dai Fuzoku FanlistingNiou Masaharu x Yagyuu Hiroshi Fanlisting
Hiyoshi Wakashi FanlistingRokkaku Chuu FanlistingYukimura Seiichi FanlistingIbu Shinji x Kamio Akira FanlistingRikkai Dai Fanlisting
Prince of Tennis FanlistingAkutagawa Jirou FanlistingHyotei Gakuen FanlistingEchizen Ryoga FanlistingOhtori Choutaroh Fanlisting
Choutaroh Ohtori X Shishido Ryoh FanlistingFuji Syuusuke FanlistingShishido Ryou FanlistingInui Sadaharu x Kaidoh Kaoru FanlistingMizuki Hajime Fanlisting
Tachibana Kippei Fanlisting

Atobe Keigo x Akutagawa Jirou FanlistingTachibana Kippei x Ibu Shinji x Kamio Akira Fanlisting
Yagyuu Hiroshi Fanlisting

Prince of Tennis Musical/Tenimyu [Also Related]
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Tenimyu Music FanlistingPrincess Princess D FanlistingNakamura Yuichi Fanlisting
Takiguchi Yukihiro FanlistingKawai Ryunosuke FanlistingSuzuki 'Zukkii' Hiroki FanlistingIRE FanlistingCinepuri Fanlisting
Hyoutei Cast FanlistingAiba Hiroki x Shirota Yuu FanlistingYagyuu Hiroshi FanlistingTsuchiya Yuichi (TUTI) FanlistingMoriyama Eiji Fanlisting
Endou Yuuya FanlistingKato Kazuki FanlistingKamakari Kenta (KenKen) FanlistingSaito Takumi FanlistingShirota Yuu Fanlisting
Minami Keisuke FanlistingBaba Tooru Fanlisting
Jyuken Sentai Gekiranger Fanlisting

Ouran High School Host Club
Nekozawa Fanlisting
Hitachiin Kaoru FanlistingMorinozuka Takashi & Fujioka Haruhi FanlistingHatori Bisuko FanlistingOotori Kyouya Fanlisting
Takami Suou Fanlisting

Hitsugaya Tōshirō & Hinamori Momo Fanlisting
Edogawa Takeru Fanlisting
Sayoran & Sakura FanlistingLink and Zelda Fanlisting

Kuroneko FanlistingVash the Stampede Fanlisting
Nicolas D. Wolfwood FanlistingTrigun Fanlisting
Legato Bluesummers FanlistingMeryl Stryfe Fanlisting
Milions Knives FanlistingRem Saverem Fanlisting

Gohou [Legal/Lawful] Drug
Gohou [Legal/Lawful] Drug FanlistingKazahaya Fanlisting
Himura Rikuou Fanlisting

Yakitate!! Japan
Azuma Kazuma FanlistingKawachi Kyosuke FanlistingAzuma Kazuma & Azusagawa Tsukino FanlistingSuwabara Kai & Adenauer Monica Fanlisting
Kuroyanagi Ryou FanlistingKanmuri Shigeru FanlistingPierrot Fanlisting
Suwabara Kai Fanlisting
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Squee [12/8] - My fangirl obsessive side, she comes out whenever I'm watching or reading some anime/manga where I love one [or more] of the characters. Also comes out for non-anime guys...especially the Tenimyu guys, graduated or not. Here is Squee's pet, Karupin:
Karupin hatched on January 7, 2006! Adopt an egg today!

Psycho [10/31] - So far, he's only come out once [that I know of] and it wasn't a very pretty sight. Once out, he usually stays out for a week or two. He sometimes rants however...though he also makes me a right bouncy and hyper person for no apparent reason. Picture Here is Psycho's pet, Autumn:
Autumn hatched on April 5, 2006! Adopt an egg today!

Dexter [4/29] - x.o Dex comes out when I'm showing my brainpower and/or when I'm studying. He also likes the news and stuff for odd reasons, every now and again, he'll make me watch. Here is Dex's pet, Avacado:
Avacado hatched on April 5, 2006! Adopt an egg today!

Danny [7/24] - Some might remember Danny from one of my stories, he procrastinates and is a lazy bum. He's out most of the time...>>; Danny-boy is forgetful and loves his sleep. YAY SLEEP!!! Here is Danny's pet, Belle:
Belle hatched on February 7, 2006! Adopt one today!

Wildcat [2/19] - ^^ One of my favorite personalities, she comes out every friday night in the fall. She loves watching Delmar Wildcat football, win or lose! She also gets the others addicted to sport related manga, and has visited most of them. Wildie also loves the outdoors, especially camping with her family! Here is Wildcat's pet, Sakurada:

Webby [9/30] - She's very much a combination of Squee and Dex, Web pokes her head out when explaining stuff about an anime/manga. Also very random....oooooooooo BUTTONS!!!!! -runs off to push buttons- She also likes to take pictures with my cellphone, the digital camera dies too often for her to like it. Here is Webby's pet, Yukihiro:

Dust [3/6] - I hate Dust...she comes out randomly...and makes me start cleaning my room or w/e. Then after I feel I've deserved a break, she gets locked in the closet by Danny. Here is Dust's pet, Owlda:

Bre@kd0wn [1/31] - He is obbsessed with quizzes...absolutely loves taking them. Sadly, he goes on a quiz spree every so often, and kills my head. He also loves music, any kind except rap and r&b. His favorite selection of music right now seems to be PoT/Tenimyu related, which I blame wholely on Teni. Here is Bre@kd0wn's pet, Shinya:

Pink [5/5] - God, I hate Pink...She's the evil girly-girl shite-head that comes out every so often, mostly when a guy I want to impress or w/e is around. Either that, or when I just lose it, but not enough to let Psycho out. She also likes shopping and Here is Pink's pet, Eme:

Cinema [11/23] - He swings with Squee a lot, they love watching animes together. He however doesn't stick to anime...he'll watch horror, romance, comedy, action, etc. Here is Cinema's pet, Lilac:

Dyna [8/14] - The lovable idiot whom loves rollercoasters and blowing shit up. He's one of my favorites, because he's such a blast to play video games with. He also strangely loves DDR, as does Bre@kd0wn. Here is Dyna's pet, George:
George hatched on December 1, 2005! Adopt an egg today!

Ayumi [4/1] - My very muli-linguist personality. She loves talking in Japanese and Spanish. Or she'll adopt an Irish accent, and then just throw stuff together. She sometimes hangs with Squee and Webby... Here is Ayumi's pet, Paint:
Paint hatched on March 3, 2006! Adopt an egg today!

Stryker [9/11] - Stryker was Dexter's osmosis-baby that appeared when I got a job. Apparently, he's the working aspect of me that isn't affected by Danny. So far he's mildly amusing, and very talkative. I just hope he doesn't make me screw up my job. He hangs around Dexter and occasionally Webby. Here is Stryker's pet, Minami:

Elizabeth [12/5] - Elizabeth is the prissy side of me, she's all polite and kind and treats people younger than me like kids. [Which they are anyways, but oh well] And she absolutely hates it when she's called Beth, Bethy, B, or Liz. She insists on Elizabeth, very proper old biddy...>>;; Here is Elizabeth's pet, Ember:
Ember hatched on March 1, 2006! Adopt an egg today!

Teni [4/4] - Another osmosis child, this time from Squee...scared yet? Should be, as Teni loves to obsess over anything and everything. Even the other personalites aren't safe from him, right now his focus is centered on PoT/Tenimyu. But that doesn't mean you're safe...he'll grab you and obsess over every strand of your hair. Sadly for my guy personalities, he's bi... Here is Teni's pet, Aqua:

Delta [8/4] - Psycho's twin sister, who somehow escaped the mental institution I put her in. She's slightly more stable than her brother, but is dramatically depressed. Like her brother, she's only come out once, that I know of. Haunts me with thoughts of pain and such. Also likes to kidnap the keyboard from Nila and write depressing drabbots. And now a short message from [ profile] tohshimari:

WARNING: If released, WILL cause large amount of angst. Lasts on and off for about three weeks, or until restrained. Also, is a tricky little bastard.

XD Very well put! And I don't think I'll give her a pet...she might kill it...

Nila [10/3] - Since the workload on Dexter's shoulders was too much for the poor boy to handle, he had another love child! :D -shot by Dexter- She controls all my creative juices, if you've got a problem with something I write, take it up with her. She's very protective over her work and will defend it unless she sees your point. Nila [Nigh-lah] and is pretty bubbly but easily falls into other people's emotions. So you have to be careful around her, or else her creativity will take a dive for the worse. Here is Nila's pet, Zero:
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